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Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Policy



This policy addresses discrimination based on age, disability, gender reassignment, marital status, pregnancy, maternity, race, religion, belief, sex, sexual orientation, as delineated in the Equality Act 2010.

Powervolt Team acknowledges the potential disparity between one's biological sex and their gender identity/expression. Consequently, this policy also encompasses discrimination based on an individual's gender identity.

For a comprehensive understanding, this policy should be reviewed alongside the Equal Opportunities Policy.


Powervolt Team mandates that all staff and associated members uphold the principles of fairness, dignity, and respect in their interactions. Any individual who perceives themselves as a victim of discrimination, harassment, or bullying is entitled to lodge a complaint without fear of retribution. For the relevant complaint procedure, please consult the staff and candidate policies.


All individuals affiliated with Powervolt Team bear the responsibility to champion EDI. The Chief Executive holds the paramount responsibility for the thorough execution of this policy. The Director of People & Culture spearheads the implementation of the Brandname strategy concerning equality, diversity, and inclusion for staff, and in collaboration with the Executive team, ensures its alignment with Brandname's content and operational endeavours.

Implementation, Monitoring, and Review

The execution of this policy will be overseen by the Equality and Diversity Committee. Periodic updates on the progress and objectives will be presented to the Executive Management Team. The effectiveness of this policy will be gauged through the following monitoring mechanisms: The Director of People & Culture will gather, evaluate, and annually present staff data to the Executive Management Team. The Quality and Standards Department will oversee the collection and assessment of candidate data. The Marketing Team will ensure that Powervolt Team's content adheres to the stipulations of this policy. Regular reviews of this policy will be conducted to align with best practices and contemporary legislation.


All staff members are obligated to undergo EDI training pertinent to their roles. New recruits must complete EDI training as a component of their onboarding process.

Complaints Pertaining to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Powervolt Team anticipates that all its members will engage with others in a fair, dignified, and respectful manner. Individuals who feel they have been subjected to discrimination, harassment, or bullying are entitled to file a complaint without apprehension of backlash. The specific complaint procedure can be found in the staff and candidate policies.


The Director of People & Culture is the custodian of this policy. Powervolt Team`s Executive reserves the right to review this policy as deemed necessary or in response to legislative amendments.

Effective Date:

September 2023

Review Date:

August 2025

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