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National Lottery Community Fund Grants For LED Lighting & Voltage Optimisation


One of the very best ways to reduce carbon emissions is through efficient energy use and management, and that's an area in which the Powervolt Team excels.

As one of the UK's leading authorities on voltage optimisation and power factor correction, our expertise makes us the perfect choice for help and advice on sustainable energy.

We also recognise that 'green' technology isn't always achievable for some, especially in the current cost of living crisis.

The great news is that funding is available in certain cases, which can be used for projects like voltage optimisation and LED upgrades!

We're focusing on the National Lottery Community Fund (where all of the grant money comes via National Lottery Players), although there are others that you can take advantage of.

Voltage Optimisation 2

The Climate Action Fund

This fantastic initiative offers grants to community partnerships working on projects that tackle climate change. Even so, the groups don't necessarily have to be environmental in nature to obtain funding.

It's all about engagement in community-led climate action, and that's the most important factor.

Who Can Apply? 

The Climate Action Fund is open to a broad range of community groups! As we already said, you don't necessarily need to be a pre-established environmental organisation. In fact, the fund particularly welcomes applications from: 

  • Constituted groups and clubs 
  • Voluntary and community organisations 
  • Registered charities 
  • Local authorities
  • Charitable incorporated organisations (SCIO/CIO) 
  • Community interest companies* (CIC) 

The key is to demonstrate a strong partnership approach. The National Lottery Community Fund encourages collaborations between different sectors, bringing together the expertise and reach of various organisations for a more significant impact. 

*A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a special type of limited company in the UK designed to benefit the community rather than maximise shareholder profits. It's a popular option for social enterprises that want to operate with a business structure but prioritise social good.

climate action fund

What Are The Funding Criteria? 

The Climate Action Fund prioritises community energy projects that: 

  • Engage communities - The project should involve and inspire a broad range of people (and young people in particular) to take climate action. This could involve linking climate action to everyday activities or sparking regional or national change. 
  • Education - Enlighten people as to the facts about the current climate emergency and teach them how they can contribute to a greener future with simple measures an LED upgrade or voltage optimiser.
  • Focus on partnership - Working collaboratively with other organisations from different sectors is essential. This ensures a well-rounded approach and broader reach. 
  • Address disadvantage - Projects that particularly benefit communities and vulnerable groups facing poverty, health problems, discrimination, or disadvantage are highly valued. 
  • Demonstrate expertise - While a strong climate focus isn't mandatory for the lead applicant, at least one partner should have experience in climate or environmental work. 

Please note that the Climate Action Fund website has strict rules about funding projects. A full list of these can be found here.

However, here's a clue as to who can't apply:

  • Sole Traders - Individual businesses run by one person aren't eligible.
  • Profit-Distributing Organisations - Companies that pay out profits to directors, shareholders, or members (like standard limited companies) can't apply directly. However, they can potentially be involved in a project as a partner if the lead applicant is eligible.
  • Organisations Outside the UK - The fund is specifically for projects within the UK.

How Much Funding Is Available? 

The Climate Action Fund offers grants ranging from £500,000 (the minimum grant amount) to £1.5 million, supporting projects over a period of two to five years. Project developers can also apply for smaller grants of £50,000 to £150,000, with the possibility of securing further funding later. 

What Can You Use The Funds For?

The National Lottery Community Fund's Climate Action Fund offers grants that can be used for a variety of purposes to support your community's climate action project. Here's a breakdown of what you can spend the funds on: 

Project Costs 

This covers the core activities and expenses directly related to your project's goals. It could include things like materials for workshops, equipment rentals for community gardens, or travel expenses for project staff attending conferences. 

Project Costs

Staff Costs 

Salaries and associated costs for staff directly involved in running the project are eligible. 

Volunteer Expenses 

Expenses incurred to support volunteers, such as travel allowances or refreshments for volunteer meetings, can be covered. 

Volunteer Expenses

Engagement Activities 

This covers initiatives that get your community involved, such as public awareness campaigns, educational workshops, or community consultations. 

Learning And Evaluation 

The fund recognises the importance of assessing your project's impact. Funds can be used for evaluation activities and sharing your learnings with others. 

Communications And Campaigns 

Spreading the word about your project's goals and achievements is crucial. Funding can support creating promotional materials or running social media campaigns. 

Utilities Or Running Costs 

This covers the everyday operational expenses needed to keep your project running, such as rent for meeting spaces or internet bills. 

Organisational Development And Management Costs 

Funds can be used for activities that strengthen your organisation's capacity to deliver the project effectively. This might include training for staff or developing project management tools. 

Limited Capital Costs 

While the fund primarily focuses on revenue costs for running the project, there's some flexibility for capital expenditure. This could involve buying essential equipment for your project, like tools for a community renewable energy initiative or seeds and saplings for a community tree-planting project. However, there are restrictions on the amount and type of capital expenditure allowed, so be sure to check the National Lottery Community Fund website for details. 

The Application Process

The entire process can take up to six months for most projects, as the organisers are often overwhelmed with applications.

It's best to start by checking out the terms and conditions to see if your particular group is eligible. Once you have completed the initial application form, the National Lottery Community Fund officials will contact you within six weeks to let you know if you can proceed to the next stage.

You'll then need to provide the full proposal for their consideration (they allow you six weeks to prepare and send this). It can take a few more weeks after this for the NLCF to advise you whether your bid has been successful or not.

the application process

The Sustainable Buildings Community Fund

This is an extension of the National Lottery Community fund, although currently only available in Northern Ireland.

There are fewer restrictions on spending, meaning that the money can be used for initiatives such as installing an energy-efficient lighting system or a voltage optimiser!

Funding is open to voluntary and community organisations with an annual income of less than £500,000, and you can claim up to £50,000.

The application process is simpler than that for the Climate Action Fund and is in two stages, although the aims are broadly the same.

The programme operates on a rolling basis, so you'll need to check the dates on the website.

Take a look: LED Lighting Grants And Funding

Sustainable Buildings Community Fund

Are There Other Funding Projects?

Yes! There are always funding initiatives for projects that encourage a more positive and responsible attitude towards tackling climate change.

Aside from the two mentioned here, we are also aware of the following options:

  • The Northern Powergrid Foundation
  • Going Green Grants
  • Community Energy England

Please contact us for more suggestions and to learn how these organisations can contribute to your community-led climate action group.

It's also worthwhile checking with your local government office to see what grants are available, as many of them don't actively advertise this information.

The Powervolt Team: Excellence, Innovation, Sustainability

You might be curious about our involvement in these initiatives. After all, the funds from some of these development grants cannot be spent directly on the services we provide.

The simple fact is that the Powervolt Team is keen to promote environmental responsibility at all levels, right across all of the UK countries. We are all facing a climate emergency, and only by working together can we hope to make a difference.

With this in mind, we aim to support communities to explore funded projects that reduce carbon emissions and help the natural environment.

If you need assistance with any of the above information or wish to discover more about our fantastic range of services, contact us today and get ready for a sustainable and energy-efficient future!

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