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LED Lighting Grants And Funding

23 November 2023

When it comes to energy consumption, two issues are always uppermost in our minds these days: rising energy prices and greenhouse gas emissions.

While most consumers strive to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint, it's not always easy to do so, particularly for businesses and public services. Tackling the problem often requires an initial investment, and that's not always easy in a time of economic hardship and budget cuts to find the cash for the upfront costs.

One good example is LED lights; installing energy-efficient lighting is an excellent way of reducing energy costs and helping the environment, but it can be expensive initially.

So, what can be done to overcome this problem?

At Powervolt Team, we offer a professional service in all things electrical, including energy-saving devices, such as LED lighting. And here's the great news: you may be eligible for LED lighting grants and funding!

LED Light

Where Does The Money Come From?

While there are several different funding options, it essentially comes from the government, although some private charities also offer funding.

The UK government is committed to energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. One of the ways it hopes to achieve this is by providing grants and funding for businesses to switch to LED lighting.

LED lights are a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting, saving you money on your energy bills and dramatically reducing your carbon footprint.

Currently, there are a number of grants and funding schemes available for LED lighting in the UK, and these schemes are designed to help businesses and local authorities offset the cost of switching to LED lighting.

Who Is Eligible For An LED Lighting Grant?

The eligibility criteria for grants and funding for energy-efficient LED lighting vary depending on the scheme. However, some general eligibility requirements include the following:

  • The project must be located in the UK.
  • The project must involve the installation of new LED lights.
  • The project must meet a minimum energy-saving target.
LED Lightning grant

What Types Of Grants And Funding Are Available?

There are a number of different types of grants and funding available for LED lighting in the UK. These include:

  • Grants. These are typically one-off payments that do not need to be repaid.
  • Loans. These are repayments over a period of time, often with a preferential interest rate.
  • Tax relief. This can reduce the amount of tax you pay on the cost of LED lighting.

How to apply for grants and funding for LED lighting

The application process for grants and funding for LED lighting varies depending on the scheme. However, you will typically need to provide information about your project, including:

  • The type of LED lighting you are installing.
  • The energy savings you expect to achieve.
  • The cost of the project.

There are a number of grants and funding schemes available to help businesses and public service providers switch to LED lighting in the UK. These schemes can help you offset the cost of switching to LED lighting and save money on your energy bills.

Available Schemes

The following list shows a few of the schemes that are currently available, although it's likely that others will be implemented in the future:

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme

This tax incentive allows businesses to claim a 100% first-year allowance for any investments in new energy-efficient equipment, including an LED light system. This means you can deduct the full cost of these assets from profits before tax in the first year.

Energy Technology List (ETL)

The Energy Technology List (ETL) is a list of energy-efficient products that are eligible for enhanced capital allowances. LED lighting systems are included in the ETL, which means that businesses can claim a 100% first-year allowance for the cost of installing LED light systems.

Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF)

The Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) is a £600 million fund that provides business grants to the industrial sector to invest in energy efficiency improvement methods, including LED lighting. The IETF is open to businesses of all sizes and can provide grants of up to £20 million.

Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund (PSDF)

The Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund (PSDF) is a £1.5 billion fund that provides grants to public sector organisations to invest in energy efficiency measures, including an LED light system. The PSDF is open to organisations such as schools, hospitals, and local councils.

Salix Finance

Salix Finance is a government-owned loan fund that provides loans to public sector organisations to invest in energy efficiency measures, including LED lights. Salix Finance offers loans with competitive interest rates and repayment terms.

Other Funding Schemes

There are also a number of private and charity-funded schemes that provide grants and loans for LED lighting projects. These schemes may have different eligibility criteria and funding amounts, so it is important to shop around to find the best scheme for your needs.

How To Find Funding

When you want to begin the process of applying for an energy-efficiency grant, here are a few sites to check out:

  • The Energy Savings Trust
  • The National Energy Foundation
  • Low Energy Designs
  • UK.GOV
  • The Carbon Trust

LED Lighting Grants And Funding: In Summary

Energy efficiency led lighting upgrades & retrofits are great for reducing utility bills and helping the environment!

And with a grant scheme, loan, tax incentive, or other funding option, you could invest in energy-efficient lighting without the financial upheaval. You get improved lighting, lower bills, reduced maintenance costs, and you reduce your impact on the environment - what could be better than that?

And when you are ready to go ahead with your LED system, Powervolt Team's professional team will do all the hard work for you.

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