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Voltage Optimisation Service

Voltage Optimisation Woodside


Are you looking to cut your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint? Voltage optimisation could be the key.

At Powervolt Team in Woodside, we offer comprehensive voltage optimisation solutions that empower you to maximise energy efficiency while minimising costs. Discover how we can help you optimise your voltage and reap the benefits.

What Is A Voltage Optimiser?


Voltage optimisation is a cutting-edge voltage management technique designed to regulate and stabilise the electricity supply to your premises.

In Woodside, the electrical voltage from the mains electricity supply can vary*, and it often exceeds what many appliances and equipment actually need to function optimally. Voltage optimisation devices adjust the incoming voltage, ensuring it aligns with the specific requirements of your electrical equipment.

By reducing excessive supply voltage, energy wastage is curbed, leading to lower energy bills and reduced wear and tear on your appliances. We have covered this topic in detail in our article entitled “What is voltage optimisation?”.

*Although the standard Woodside nominal voltage from the National Grid is given as 230 volts (previously 240v), a tolerance of -6% and +10% is allowed, resulting in a potential variation of between 216.2v and 253v!

What Is A Voltage Optimiser

Why Choose Us?


 Powervolt Team is the preferred choice in the UK for energy solutions. Specializing in voltage optimisation, LED lighting, renewable energy, and more, we offer expertise, customized services, and a commitment to sustainability. Choose us for innovative and efficient energy management.

Expertise and Experience
Expertise and Experience
Customized Solutions
Customized Solutions
Cutting-Edge Technology
Cutting-Edge Technology
Commitment to Sustainability
Commitment to Sustainability
Comprehensive Services
Comprehensive Services
Proven Results
Proven Results
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Safety and Compliance
Passion for Innovation
Passion for Innovation
How Does Voltage Optimisation Work

How Does Voltage Optimisation Work?


This handy gadget uses transformer-based technology to regulate the incoming power supply voltage automatically. This is necessary to overcome the following problems:


Voltage optimisation technology effectively mitigates overvoltage concerns by ensuring that the electrical supply to your equipment remains within the recommended voltage range. This prevents voltage levels from exceeding safe limits, protecting your electrical appliances and systems from potential damage or accelerated wear and tear.


Voltage regulation aids in mitigating harmonics by providing a cleaner and more stable power supply. It minimises voltage distortions and helps reduce the presence of harmonic currents, thus enhancing the quality of the electrical supply and reducing the risk of harmonics-related issues such as overheating in electrical equipment.

Power Dips (Sags)

Voltage optimisation counters power dips by boosting the voltage during periods of low supply. When the grid voltage drops, the voltage optimiser provides additional voltage to maintain stable levels, ensuring your equipment operates without disruption or damage.

Phase Voltage Ambience

Voltage optimisation helps maintain a balanced ambience in phase voltages by ensuring that each phase receives the appropriate and consistent voltage levels. This balance prevents voltage-related issues and uneven performance in three-phase electrical systems.


Voltage optimisation can suppress transients by stabilising voltage levels. Transients, which are sudden and temporary voltage spikes or disturbances, can cause damage to sensitive electrical equipment. Voltage optimisation minimises these abrupt voltage changes, protecting your devices from potential harm and ensuring a stable power supply.

Our Expertise In Voltage Optimisation

At Powervolt Team in Woodside, we are experts in voltage optimisation technology. We begin with a comprehensive energy audit to assess your energy consumption patterns and equipment requirements.

Our team then selects and installs voltage optimisation devices tailored to your specific needs. Our technicians are certified and experienced in delivering efficient and safe installations, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

We also carry out power factor correction which combined with voltage optimisation compliments one another. We have covered this in more detail in our article entitled “What is the difference between voltage optimisation and power factor correction?”.

How Long Does Installation Take?

Our voltage optimisation installations are efficient and minimally intrusive. On average, the installation process takes just a few hours, depending on the scale of your project. This means you can quickly start enjoying the benefits of reduced energy consumption and lower electricity bills.

What Is The Installation Process?

The installation of a voltage optimiser should always be carried out by qualified professionals to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations.

Typically, the installation process follows this schedule:

Our Expertise In Voltage Optimisation
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What Is The Installation Process

Site Assessment

Before commencing the installation, a comprehensive site assessment is conducted. This evaluation includes an analysis of your electrical system, energy consumption patterns, and the specific voltage requirements of your equipment. This step is vital to ascertain the optimal settings for the voltage optimiser.

Obtain Necessary Approvals

In the UK, it may be necessary to secure approvals or permits from local authorities or relevant regulatory bodies for certain voltage optimisation installations, particularly in commercial or industrial settings. Compliance with safety and electrical regulations is essential.

Select the Voltage Optimiser Unit

Based on the assessment and the required voltage optimisation levels, choose the appropriate voltage optimiser unit. These units come in various sizes and configurations, and the choice should align with the specific needs of your electrical system.

Installing Voltage Optimiser -

  • Location and Mounting. The voltage optimiser unit is typically positioned in proximity to the primary consumer unit (fusebox), usually between this and the main electricity meter. It should be securely mounted in a well-ventilated, dry, and accessible location.
  • Electrical Connections. Our qualified electricians will make the necessary electrical connections to integrate the voltage optimiser into the electrical system. This encompasses connecting the input and output cables, as well as any required protection devices.
  • Settings Configuration. The voltage optimiser's settings are configured to align with the desired output voltage levels. These settings are determined by the results of the site assessment and should be optimised to deliver energy savings without compromising equipment performance.
  • Testing and Calibration. Following installation, the voltage optimiser undergoes testing and calibration to verify its correct operation. This includes ensuring that the output voltage levels are within the specified range and that the unit effectively stabilises the voltage supply.

Once installed, the equipment needs to be looked after to ensure that it continues to work efficiently and deliver significant savings. To get the best out of your voltage optimisation technology, consider these steps:

Monitoring and Maintenance

Once operational, the voltage optimiser should be subject to regular monitoring to confirm its continued proper functioning. Maintenance tasks may encompass periodic checks, cleaning, and firmware updates if applicable.

However, the great news here is that voltage optimisation technology doesn't contain any moveable parts that are likely to wear out any time soon - the average lifespan is around 25 years!

Compliance and Documentation

All work must adhere to relevant electrical and safety regulations. Thorough records of the installation process, including approvals, calibration, and maintenance schedules, should be maintained.

User Training

In commercial or industrial settings, offer training to relevant personnel on the operation, maintenance, and potential energy savings achievable with the voltage optimiser.

Ongoing Monitoring And Reporting

It is crucial to continuously monitor the voltage optimiser's performance to ensure it delivers the anticipated energy savings and voltage stabilisation. Regular analysis of energy consumption and reporting can aid in tracking the benefits of the installation.

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 Powervolt Team is the preferred choice in the UK for energy solutions. Specializing in voltage optimisation, LED lighting, renewable energy, and more, we offer expertise, customized services, and a commitment to sustainability. Choose us for innovative and efficient energy management.

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What Benefits Should I Expect?


At Powervolt Team in Woodside, we witness the advantages of voltage optimisation technology firsthand, and our clients, whether in domestic dwellings, commercial premises or public buildings, are invariably surprised by how much energy they save - and the savings begin immediately!

Take a look at the following list to see how voltage optimisers can affect your electrical consumption and bring positive changes:

  • Reduce Energy Costs. Voltage optimisation is an effective strategy for reducing costs. By optimising the voltage supplied to your electrical appliances and systems, you can achieve significant savings on your electricity bills.
    Typically, voltage optimisation can yield average energy savings of 10-15%, but in some cases, it can result in even more substantial savings, with the highest recorded saving being as much as 26%. These savings apply to both residential and commercial customers, making it a valuable solution for various settings. By managing voltage levels more efficiently, and reducing them to the lower side of the statutory voltage range, you can stop wasting energy and lower your overall energy expenses.
  • Extend Equipment Lifespan. Voltage reduction not only reduces energy costs but also extends the lifespan of your sensitive electrical equipment, as excess voltage can cause irreparable damage.
    When appliances and machinery receive the correct and stable supply voltages, they experience less wear and tear. As a result, you can expect your electrical devices to operate for a longer period without the need for frequent repairs or replacements. This not only delivers reduced maintenance costs but also maximises the return on investment for your equipment, making voltage optimisation a smart choice for businesses and homeowners alike.
  • Improved Efficiency. One of the significant advantages of voltage optimisation is its positive impact on efficiency. By reducing electricity consumption in your home or business, you can contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment.
    Lower energy usage translates to a decrease in power demand, reducing the environmental impact associated with electricity production. Moreover, optimising voltage levels allows you to reduce your carbon emissions, which is a crucial step in addressing climate change and demonstrating your commitment to responsible energy use. It aligns with the global push for cleaner and more sustainable energy practices.
  • Improved Power Quality. Voltage optimisation ensures a consistent and stable power supply, which is essential for various electrical devices and systems. Maintaining a stable voltage minimises power surges, fluctuations, and disruptions. Such fluctuations can cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment, disrupt operations, and result in costly downtime. By improving power quality, voltage optimisation enhances the reliability and performance of your electrical infrastructure, reducing the risk of equipment damage and productivity losses.
  • Increase Electrical Safety. Voltage optimisers can also enhance electrical safety. By maintaining the voltage level within the recommended range, it minimises the risk of electrical faults and potential hazards. Electrical faults can lead to fires, electrical shocks, and other safety issues. By ensuring that voltage remains stable and safe, voltage optimisation contributes to a safer environment for both residential and commercial settings. This is particularly important in industries where electrical safety is a critical concern, such as manufacturing, healthcare, and data centres. It not only protects people but also safeguards valuable assets and data.

We have covered this in a little more detail in our article entitled “is voltage optimisation worth it?”.

What Benefits Should I Expect
Electrical Solutions For A Brighter Future-min

Powervolt Team: Electrical Solutions For A Brighter Future in Woodside


While there are several benefits to voltage optimisation, some are more likely to stand out above others: reducing electricity consumption will save energy, and when you use less energy, you save money.

In times of economic and financial uncertainty, most consumers are seeking ways to reduce power consumption and lower their monthly energy bills. In addition, most are concerned with the state of the environment and are looking to minimise their impact.

This won't be the best investment for everyone - particularly if your electrical equipment mostly consists of voltage-independent loads, such as variable speed drives, incandescent lighting, electric heaters and certain types of electric motors.

However, for most consumers, this will be a wise investment that will deliver significant energy savings.

Call Powervolt Team now to find out more, and we'll discuss the initial set-up costs along with all the other factors involved. Together, we will kick-start your energy-saving journey to a better and brighter tomorrow.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is a Voltage Optimiser Worth It in the UK?

Voltage optimisers can be beneficial in the UK, particularly in scenarios where the incoming voltage is higher than necessary for your equipment or appliances. These devices reduce the voltage to a more optimal level, potentially leading to energy savings and prolonged lifespan of electrical devices. However, the actual worth depends on your specific circumstances, such as the existing voltage level and the types of appliances used.

Do I Need a Voltage Optimiser with Solar Panels?

The necessity of a voltage optimiser with solar panels depends on your specific setup and energy goals. Solar panels typically generate electricity at a variable voltage, which is then converted to a usable form for home appliances. A voltage optimiser can further refine this process, ensuring that the voltage is at an optimal level, potentially increasing efficiency. However, it's not always essential, and the decision should be based on a detailed analysis of your solar power system and energy usage.

How Much Can Businesses Save with Voltage Optimisation in the UK?

The savings for businesses from voltage optimisation in the UK can vary widely. Factors such as the type of business, the nature of the electrical equipment used, and the existing voltage levels play a significant role. On average, businesses might see a reduction in electricity consumption by up to 10-15%, but this can be higher or lower based on individual circumstances.

How Quickly Can Voltage Optimisation Pay for Itself?

The payback period for voltage optimisation systems can vary. In some cases, businesses and homeowners may see a return on their investment within a couple of years, while in others, it might take longer. Factors influencing the payback period include the cost of the system, the level of voltage reduction achieved, and the initial electricity usage and costs.

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